Storytelling is the way to the heart!


People love stories! We have told each other stories since prehistoric times. Back then there was no writing, but the stories were told with cave paintings and around the campfire. People are programmed for stories. Just as we are programmed, for example, to fall in love.


Current developments show that we are moving towards an experience economy. Companies that create a magical experience for their customers are going to distinguish themselves from competitors in the upcoming years. Storytelling is an important building block in realizing a magical experience. Why? Because storytelling has the power to create an emotional relationship with your customers. Storytelling is the way to the heart!


I develop magical stories! When developing a good story, your wishes and objectives are of the utmost importance. Whether you want to inspire people, to create an experience or to increase the average spending per customers, I like to think along with you!

Are you still not convinced about the power of stories? Below are some advantages of storytelling:


Give your customers the most valuable thing you can give: a positive memory!


A special experience ensures that customers will return!


With a good story, you can build an emotional relationship with the customer. A relationship that focuses on the long term!


Storytelling is an important building block to distinguish your brand from competitors.

With Story Fabrique, I focus on the leisure industry. For example theme parks, zoos, water parks, tourist attractions, events, museums, and holiday parks. However, Story Fabrique is also there for the brands that want to create more experience through storytelling.


Curious about what storytelling can do for the experience of your brand or product? Then start implementing a magical experience today and contact me for a free consultation! 

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