I believe in strong concepts and powerful stories!


What is my passion? That question forms the basis for Story Fabrique. My name is Nando de Kroon and I am the owner of Story Fabrique. From an early age, I have had a passion for theme parks. This all started on the day this photo was taken. Since that day I have asked myself the question: how can I give the magic and wonder that I have experienced back to the world? The answer to that question is Story Fabrique.

I believe in strong concepts and powerful stories! The key word of my concepts and stories is 'experience'. With a magical experience, you are able to give your audience the most valuable thing you can give: a positive memory! My mission? Making the world a magical place and create unforgettable memories!

Could your brand or product also use some magic? Then start implementing the magic today and contact me for a free consultation!


"If you have a passion, magic is within reach! Share this magic with the world and make valuable memories! "


Nando de Kroon

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Apeldoorn, The Netherlands