The first theme park for cats


Story Fabrique presents: the first theme park for cats!


Catland is an unique concept where the perception of Cats is combined with the magical experiences of a theme park. Catland is an indoor theme park which consists of four different areas of theming: the Backyard, the Haunted Greenhouse, the Living room and the Space Shed. 


The idea for Catland originates from the love of cats. Within the frame of animal welfare Catland is a new chapter, namely: giving your cat a world where the possibilities are endless and where fun and playfulness dominate. 


Watch the video about Catland to find out more about the first amusement park for cats!

The Backyard

The adventure begins for cats after passing underneath the gates of Catland and arriving in the first area of theming: the Backyard. The feature of this area of theming is a natural character. The Backyard is the heart of Catland and connects the different areas of theming. 


A part of the Backyard is the Carrot Garden: an interactive game where cats can let their hunting instinct take over. Namely, because the carrots will jump out of and return to the soil unexpectedly. 

The Living Room

The Living Room of Catland is full of cardboard boxes and there is also something peculiar about the floor: it can spin! This attraction is based on the teacups ride. However, the teacups are replaced by cardboard boxes. This is because sitting in cardboard boxes makes cats content.  


Besides, when sitting in cardboard boxes cats feel safe and therefore they will get used to the surroundings of Catland faster. Oh, and all the stuff that was inside of the boxes is stacked on top of each other and this forms the centerpiece of the attraction.

The Haunted Greenhouse

Hidden in the Backyard is a cucumber greenhouse which has been abandoned for a long time. Therefore the cucumbers have turned into wicked creatures looking for cats to torment. The Haunted Greenhouse is the haunted mansion of Catland and plays on the love-hate relationship between cats and cucumbers 


The cucumbers have facial expressions which characterize the horror genre. For example, think about the mask from the movie Scream or the famous expression of a Halloween pumpkin.


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